A Day in the Life at Resolve Marine

As the Maritime Response and Recovery industry continues to evolve, we recognize the contributions that trained and capable team members make to Resolve’s position as one of the world’s leading emergency response organizations.  Working at Resolve, team members have the opportunity and support to grow as they become part of a dynamic team whose mission is to solve our client’s problems while making the world’s oceans cleaner and safer.

Why Resolve Marine?

Family Owned, Family Values – We care about our employees and their families (benefit package)

Make A Difference – Jobs we work on impact the Global Community (Salvage, Response, Compliance)

Up/Down Communication Channels – Open Lines of Communication (Reporting Structure, Reviews, Open Door Policy)

Employee Opinions Count – Employee Surveys, townhalls

Grow Together – Training, continued improvement processes, promote from within

Environmental Stewardship – Giving back volunteer, sponsorships, green initiatives

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with continued reliability and service at the most cost effective and competitive rates possible. We will do this through the dedication of our personnel both ashore and at sea. We recognize that customers although most important, are no more important that our own families. Therefore, RESOLVE puts our employees concerns as the top agenda concern as we grow together as a team.

Our Vision:

We envision a maritime industry with fewer casualties, minimal environmental impact, and greater efficiency. Leaving the World, a Better Place!

We are Resolve Marine!