What drives us?

Resolve Marine is dedicated to making the world’s oceans safer and cleaner.
We envision a maritime industry with fewer casualties, minimal environmental impact, and greater efficiency.

Resolve is guided by the mission to protect marine environments and property at sea with some of the highest standards in the business. Through the dedication of our personnel onshore and at sea, Resolve provides our clients with trusted response and reliable service executed by our highly capable and innovative teams.

Our Values


At Resolve, our family-focused culture focuses on our employees, their safety, and their development. We exceed our client’s expectations by continually developing and advancing our winning teams.

Socially and Environmentally Conscious

At Resolve, teams working in diverse environments fully recognize the importance of integrating environmental management into company operations.  Resolve strives to minimize adverse environmental impact as a result of its business activities.


At Resolve, teams are committed to providing services that exceed the expectations and quality standards required by our clients and the Salvage, Emergency Response, Maritime Training, and Environmental industries while promoting the highest levels of competence and professionalism.


At Resolve, health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ), are integral to everyday workplace activities. HSEQ ensures the safety and health of all employees, contractors, visitors, and stakeholders to achieve an injury-free work environment. Resolve is proud of its safety record and the protocols that are in place.

As a family-focused company, Resolve emphasizes our employees, their safety, development, and satisfaction, as our top priority. Resolve exceeds our client’s expectations by continually developing and advancing our dedicated teams to deliver the highest quality.

Working at Resolve Marine

Family-Owned, Family Values

We care about our employees & their families. We provide channels for employee voices to be heard and we listen, making every opinion count.

Global & Environmental Impact

Our work impacts the Global Maritime Community. We give back to these communities through our projects, volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.

Career Development & Growth

We want our global teams to succeed.  We provide professional development and growth opportunities for employees to move their careers and the maritime industry forward.

As the Maritime Response and Recovery industry continues to evolve, we recognize the contributions that trained and capable team members make to Resolve’s position as one of the world’s leading emergency response organizations.

Working at Resolve, team members have the opportunity and support to grow as they become part of a dynamic team whose mission is to solve our client’s problems while making the world’s oceans cleaner and safer.