Resolve Marine Lana Rose

The HERV Lana Rose has been manage by Resolve Marine since late 2019. Following the purchase of the vessel* approximately US$5 million in modifications were made to ready the ship to conduct humanitarian work for Mission Resolve, the philanthropic arm of Resolve Marine.

– Three auxiliary generators were rebuilt from crankshaft up
– Accommodations were deep cleaned and remain in a climate-controlled environment
– Cabins and living quarters were refurbished
– All safety equipment has been renewed or serviced as required by class
– The main engine surveys and scheduled maintenance have been carried out
– All critical machinery has been serviced and renewed
– Engine controls and CPP have been serviced
– All class and statutory surveys are complete

Ready for her first voyage in March 2020, the global pandemic impacted planned fundraising efforts and the vessel has since been in warm layup, with a crew on board at Resolve Marine’s Theodore, Alabama USA facility. The vessel remains in Class with DNV but surveys were suspended due to the layup. Resolve Marine is now selling the vessel and intends to source a different vessel for Mission Resolve’s humanitarian efforts.

Unique features of the HERV Lana Rose will allow her to take on multiple roles, including geotechnical and geophysical survey ROV operations, cable laying, seismic survey, dive support and other operations in support of offshore renewable energy services. The hull is in excellent condition. The helicopter pad is removable. The deck working space is extensive and suitable for modification for fitting over the side LARS for ROV and scientific instruments. The aft ramp transom and various winches on the main deck provide suitable infrastructure for various laying and recovery operations. A substantial data lab space is in place for seismic surveys. An adjacent airconditioned rack room space is fully functional and adaptable to multiple roles. The specialist seismic cable winches and cable ways to aft mezzanine launching platform can be adapted for multiple roles.

For more information please contact:

Eric Smith, Director Shared Resources
M: +1 713.705.9908

Michael Cutts, Fleet Manager
M: +1.954.612.8011

HERV Lana Rose Spec Sheet

*Prior to the 2016 purchase, the ship was seismic survey vessel and most equipment remains on board, including a retractable 1400kW azimuthing thruster that can tow a fully loaded barge at 4 knots without main engine power.