Resolve Marine displays beautiful protected Alaskan waters.

With millions of dollars invested in strategically placed response equipment in Western Alaska, Resolve Marine has demonstrated through Alaska’s Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) an unparalleled commitment to protecting Alaska’s waters and coastlines. Section 510 of H.R. 6865 Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2022 threatens to upend it. Alaska is not California, and we don’t need overreaching federal legislation to mandate an entirely new system that favors a monopolized and indirect incident response.

Alaska’s APC is a specialized procedure to ensure the highest levels of environmental protection in Alaska. With it, we can identify our state’s most environmentally sensitive areas and ensure logistics and response hubs are strategically located and developed to allow for optimal response times, planning, and mitigation. Our USCG-approved salvage and marine firefighting (SMFF) services provide vessel operators a world-class response.

Section 510 is bad for Alaska. It will challenge commercial fishing throughout the state by creating regulations for manufactured problems. In its current form, it will also damage the state economy. This section of legislation is unnecessary and should be removed, a classic case of a solution in search of a problem.

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