February 2017
Gulf of Mexico

In February 2013, Resolve was contracted to tow the CARNIVAL TRIUMPH to Mobile, Alabama. The vessel was 150 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula when an engine room fire broke out causing a 102,000-ton passenger cruise ship to lose propulsion. The fire was extinguished by the ship’s crew using the automatic fire suppression systems. Although the fire was extinguished, the vessel lost the ability to steer and almost all its generator power.

Working closely with Carnival Cruise Lines’ headquarters and Carnival Triumph’s bridge, Resolve deployed its anchor-handling tug, RESOLVE PIONEER, to the Gulf of Mexico. While underway, it was requested that another vessel supply provisions to the 4,200+ passengers and crew of the immobilized cruise ship. Resolve’s vessel, LANA ROSE, and her crew were immediately mobilized. The provisions were transferred from the supply vessel to the cruise ship via helicopter, utilizing a helio-rescue basket while the tow was still underway.

Resolve successfully transported the cruise ship to Mobile, Alabama port where passengers and crew offloaded back into U.S. borders. Constant and close correspondence amongst the cruise ships headquarters, the three tug vessels, the Cruise bridge and the helicopter team were fundamental in the success of the emergency tow.

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