January 2021
San Jacinto, Texas

Commissioned in 1914 as the most powerful weapon in the world, the Battleship TEXAS is credited with introducing advances in gunnery, aviation, and radar. She is the last surviving Dreadnought as well as the only battleship in existence today that fought in both WWI and WWII.

Following service in WWI, and with a growing threat of submarine attacks, blister tanks were added to the vessel to serve as a double side shell; armaments were also upgraded. During WWII, the vessel was engaged in the North Africa campaign and was the flagship of the bombing of the Normandy coast on D-Day.

After decommissioning, the vessel was converted into a floating museum, moored at the San Jacinto memorial park near Houston, and designated a National Historic Landmark. Over the years, the blister tanks corroded and water freely communicated between tanks and the inner hull. Over the years, stopgap measures were deployed–pumps were installed to pump out the water and leaks were patched–and the landmark was closed to the public.

In late 2019, Resolve Marine was asked to provide a solution to safely move the vessel to a drydock for repairs. To do so, a technicians proposed expanding foam into the blister tanks, a novel solution. Advantages of using foam included: additional buoyancy to mitigate flooding during transit to a shipyard; strengthening the tanks against any contact from tugs, mooring piles, or as part of the drydocking process; and the expanding property of the foam filled the void space within the blister tanks to prevent water leaking. Resolve Marine divers also conducted repairs and patching throughout the vessel and installed a remotely monitored flood alarm system.

An estimated 25,000 gallons of foam were applied into 22 blister tanks and stern tanks. This translated to 625,000 gallons of expanded foam providing 2,350 long tons of buoyancy. The project was among the largest maritime foam projects ever undertaken.

An important part of this project is also a personal one for the company. Joe Farrell, the father of Joe Farrell, Jr. and the founder of Resolve Marine, landed in Normandy under the protection of the Battleship Texas.

  • Repair Water Egress
  • Structural Damage