July 2020
Nome Alaska

In April 2020, Resolve Marine (Resolve) Alaska mobilized teams and resources in response to the Tagiuk Provider, a mining platform barge used for placer gold mining, grounded in shallow water west of Nome Harbor.  Response teams executed thawing operations to free the icebound barge as they developed plans to move the 205ft (62m) 1500-ton cargo barge onto the beach and lift the vessel to conduct comprehensive casualty surveys.  Response teams from Resolve’s Dutch Harbor facility transported pumps, hoses, rigging, and spill packages as they commenced ice thawing operations in preparation for barge repositioning and movement.  Resolve Marine’s response to the grounded Tagiuk Provider, executed while adhering to strict safety protocols, required detailed coordination between land and sea operations as they worked together to remove ice debris, secure tow points, prepare beach grading, install dead men, reposition the vessel, place roller bags, pull onshore, and provide additional lift for blocking in preparation for recovery operations.

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