March 2017

On January 23rd, 2017 a 50m split hopper barge capsized and sank in an active land reclamation area within Singaporean waters.

Coordinating closely with the land reclamation team Resolve was able to conduct the salvage operation while sand dumping continued in the immediate vicinity of the wreck site. This close communication helped avoid lengthy delays in reclamation work.

Resolve immediately acted to reduce environmental impact of the incident by pumping 5,000 liters of trapped hydraulic oil off the casualty.
The casualty was sectioned in half using oxy-acetylene torches above water and diver’s with BROCO cutting torches underwater. The forward and aft sections were rigged with 3” lifting chain for recovery.

Resolve mobilized the RMG 500 sheerleg crane from her nearby berth in Singapore. The bow and stern section, weighing 350 and 300 tons respectively, were lifted and loaded onto a deck barge for transport to a local Singapore scraping facility.

Resolve completed the wreck removal operations after 14 days onsite.

  • Wreck Removal