The Reason for Mission Resolve

The following is a brief overview of the Resolve Marine Group of companies and “Mission Resolve”. Resolve is made up of numerous similarly named companies i.e. Resolve Salvage & Fire. It was founded by CEO & president Joe Farrell almost 40 years ago. Resolve’s core business is rescuing ships and their crews, removing ship and vessel wrecks and cleaning up oil spills around the world. Additionally Resolve has a Maritime Academy that trains professional mariners and port fire departments.

At any given time there are close to 70,000 ships occupying the world’s oceans, along with tens of thousands of barges. Not many people tend to think about it but approximately 90% of the items we use in our daily lives such as automobiles, food, fuel, and clothing are all shipped by sea. When we behold the beauty and magnitude of the oceans, most of us don’t comprehend how ocean commerce is truly essential to our modern day society, from feeding continents to growing thriving economies.

Inevitably with these significant numbers of vessels and people traveling the globe and in all types of weather conditions, some with dangerous cargos, machinery malfunctions, and human error, there is always a need for emergency response teams on to be on standby. This is the unique, challenging and many times extremely dangerous industry that Resolve has made its mark in.

Resolves first and foremost mission is to safeguard this industry and the individuals of the who sail on these vessels. By rescuing the vessels, in many instances they are also able to avert catastrophic pollution incidents. The daunting tasks includes responding to all types of vessels from oil and chemical tankers, cruise ships, cargo ships, oil platforms, fishing fleets, submarines, military warships, super yachts, and downed aircraft just to name a few.

The Intrepid men and women at Resolve are highly trained and remain on a 24/7 standby and equipped to respond on immediate notification. With teams strategically stationed around the globe, Resolve is able to respond to any maritime emergency and resolve any situation no matter the location.

The owner of the company, Joe Farrell, built Resolve from the ground up and has deep gratitude for the way in which his life has been blessed. He is convinced that his success has come through divine intervention since as he states it, it is simply mathematically impossible that over 45 years of working in, on and under the waters of the world and to have experienced as many of the perilous ordeals that he has experienced and still be around to talk about them.

This appreciation has created a strong desire and frankly a commitment by Joe to give back and as the Bible articulates “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”

“Mission Resolve” is our way of giving back. We provide support to charities, those in need, and to the people who unselfishly dedicate themselves to helping others. Whether it is helping to rebuild an orphanage in Sri Lanka, a hospital in Africa, sending aid in the aftermath of a Caribbean hurricane or helping missionaries, Resolve and “Mission Resolve” will be there to consistently help those in need. We will set financial targets and will provide updates on the progress of funds raised for each, throughout the series.

While the Resolve teams dedicate themselves to this challenging, and exciting maritime calling, very few people know anything about this amazing industry. “Mission Resolve” is a television program that follows and reports on the teams at Resolve from all corners of the world. The program documents these seemingly impossible projects and shows how they engineer solutions. Many times solutions come down to having sheer guts and fortitude to make calculated in-the-moment decisions.

“Mission Resolve’s” Emmy Award-winning television production team is not only documenting the day-to-day but also part of the show. They will document the world of marine salvage and what it takes to resolve any marine problem that may arise. Some of them have a great deal of experience with the ocean, having produced shows such as Deadliest Catch. Others are still learning about this world, giving a unique perspective to what the team calls everyday life at Resolve. Each “Mission Resolve” show, will present a new cause or an entity that is in need of your support.

The sun never sets on the Resolve company, meaning that on any given day, Resolve has between 6 to 10 interesting and thrilling projects going on around the world. We are currently growing film teams to support these projects. Therefore you can expect to witness the epic adventures and amazing engineering feats of “Mission Resolve.” Our hope is that the viewing public will support the causes that we present. One-hundred percent of the funds raised will go to the project that the donor or viewer designates, and to support filming “Mission Resolve.”

Thank you for your support.