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Resolve Goes Green!

15 June 2017
Resolve is proud to support Green Initiatives! In August 2015, Resolve installed a roofing structure consisting solely of solar panels over the headquarter office parking lot.

Tribute to Senator John McCain

19 May 2017
In May of 2006, Resolve Marine in conjunction with the U.S. Navy sank the ex-USS ORISKANY aircraft carrier, creating the world’s largest artificial reef.

Indian Navy Contracts Resolve To Lift INS Betwa Frigate

17 January 2017
The Indian Navy has signed a INR contract with Resolve Marine Group to lift the 3850-tonne frigate INS Betwa that tipped over at the Mumbai naval dockyard killing two sailors and injuring 14 others on December 6 last year.

Second Tug and Barge Casualty Near Bella Bella, B.C.

8 November 2016
After barge flips and sinks near Bella Bella, British Columbia, Resolve Marine leads the salvage effort, in cooperation with the tribe and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Interview: Todd Schauer - President, American Salvage Association

24 October 2016
Todd Schauer, the Director of Operations at Resolve Marine Group, as well as President of the American Salvage Association speaks about the Salvage Industry in 2016 and the future of Salvage operations.

The Resolve To React, South Africa Operations

24 October 2016
RESOLVE has moved into position on the South African coastline to extend services to the Cape's shipping routes. Led by Nicholas Sloane, the salvage master widely known for leading the salvage of the COSTA CONCORDIA, RESOLVE's eleven person South Africa team.

Resolve Marine Emergency Contacts Mobile App

18 October 2016
Resolve Marine Group is proud to offer our clients the ability to easily and directly contact our personnel when in need. Our new app, Resolve Marine Emergency Contacts, offers our clients the ability to contact leading members of our global operations with the click of a button.

Resolve Marine Group Completes Manolis L Assessment

28 September 2016
Resolve Marine Group has completed the month long technical assessment of the sunken vessel, Manolis L, for the Government of Canada in cooperation with the Canadian Coast Guard.
A legendary Western Alaska salvage vessel has reached the end of its life. Salvager Dan Magone is getting ready to sink his old tugboat, the Redeemer.

Salvage Master Nick Sloane Joins Resolve Marine Group

3 February 2016
Resolve Marine Group is pleased to announce that Senior Salvage Master Nick Sloane has joined the company. This news comes just months after Resolve opened its operations in Gibraltar, expanding its emergency response capabilities to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.