Fuel Removal

Fuel Removal

Collision / Grounding


Drilling Rig

Off the Coast of Mumbai

Battleship Texas

San Jacinto, TX

VLCC Refloat

Galveston, TX

Container Ship Fire

Emergency Response

Container Ship Fire

With nearly 40 years experience overseeing complex salvages and wreck removals, Resolve is guided by the mission to protect the environment, property, and life at sea.

American Salvage Association

As one of the founding members of the American Salvage Association (ASA), Resolve Marine is proud to be a General Member working alongside leading industry organizations. Our work is driven by our continuing to elevate the Salvor’s role as a trusted/essential partner during global emergencies.  ASA members forge agency relationships that deliver positive changes for the Salvage industry that are echoed around the world as our next generation of salvors take the helm.

The International Salvage Union

ISU Logo

As a member of The International Salvage Union (ISU), Resolve Marine joins other industry members as a part of a trusted and unified global voice that facilitates world trade by providing marine services that save lives, protect the environment, mitigate risk and reduce loss. ISU members represent 55 marine salvage companies from more than 30 countries. Membership of the ISU is for companies with a track record as a main contractor in salvage operations. Members must demonstrate a high level of expertise associated with the professional salvor and conduct their activities ethically and in line with the ISU Code of Conduct.

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