August 2022
San Jacinto, TX

Resolve Marine was honored to play a role in moving the iconic Battleship TEXAS. In August 2022, the vessel was safely towed down the Houston ship channel and then drydocked for extensive repairs. This operation was the culmination of over two years of Resolve Marine’s partnership with Valkor Energy Services (Valkor) and the Battleship Texas Foundation (BTF) in preparing the vessel for towage and drydocking.

In 2020, Resolve Marine was engaged by Valkor to perform an extensive foaming operation of the blister tanks of the ship. The project was among the largest maritime foam projects ever undertaken, with an estimated 25,000 gallons of unexpanded foam applied into over 40 blister and stern tanks. The estimated 746,000 gallons of expanded foam acted to stabilize the vessel with approximately 2,800 long tons of retainable buoyancy. The foam also provided support for the deteriorated outer shell plating and decreased water ingress and free communication. At completion of the foaming operation, water ingress was reduced from 2,000 gallons per minute to less than 20 gallons per minute, which allowed the TEXAS to be maintained by a skeleton maintenance crew.

In 2022 with a drydock being freshly prepared for the job of docking the TEXAS, Resolve Marine provided engineering analysis and recommendations to mitigate risk during the ship’s tow. The tow plan was led by Valkor with close collaboration between U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Sector Houston-Galveston, USCG SERT, tug operators, and pilots. More than fifteen high-capacity salvage dewater pumps and just as many maintenance pumps were installed, along with tank inspections and patching operations.

In total, over fifty dewatering pumps, equivalent to nearly 20,000 gallons per minute pumping capacity, were installed onboard the TEXAS to ensure a safe tow. To man these pumps and address any issues (water ingress, communication, etc.), Resolve Marine supplied an onboard damage control and salvage team (including a full dive team and spread).

The tow was a resounding success and a true testament to the strength of all parties working tirelessly.

An important part of this project was also a personal one for the company. Joe Farrell, the father of Joe Farrell, Jr. and the founder of Resolve Marine, landed in Normandy under the protection of the Battleship Texas.