February 2011
Florida Keys, USA

The AINU PRINCESS, a 17,324 DWT vessel loaded with grain and bound for Cuba was adrift due to loss of propulsion power 85 nautical miles west of Key West, FL and 15 miles from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Dry Tortugas National Park. Drifting northeasterly at 2.2 knots, the vessel posed a potential threat of grounding and spilling 240,000 gallons of fuel onboard, in the sensitive marine environment. Upon notification by USCG, Resolve deployed the AHTS Resolve Pioneer which had been stationed off Key West for emergency response. The Pioneer towed the vessel south toward Cuba, while her crew continued to make repairs to the propulsion equipment. At approx 15 nautical miles north of Cuban territorial waters, repairs were completed and the towline was released when the vessel was able to proceed under her own power.

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