March 2020
Isle of Skye – Scotland

On Monday 23 March 2020, Resolve Marine responded to a cargo vessel grounded 6 miles (4.8 km) off Isle of Skye, Scotland’s northern coast.  Contacted by vessel owners and insurance underwriters, the cargo vessel required immediate action to secure 1,900 tons of SRF pellets and 63 tons of fuel.  Overcoming unpredictable weather conditions and travel restrictions imposed by COVID 19,  Resolve mobilized teams from its US, EU, and Africa bases traveling as essential personnel and boarding the stranded vessel via helicopter to begin on-site assessments.  Working with U.K. Secretary of State’s representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP), MCA, and the owner’s Special Casualty Representative (SCR), a salvage plan was developed to mitigate pollution threats, stabilize the vessel, and prepare her for refloating. The vessel, grounded on an exposed rock pinnacle, required the response teams to patch ruptured cargo holds and ballast tanks, execute cargo lightering and refloat operations in order to safely tow the vessel to a dry-dock in Kishorn.

  • Emergency Response
  • Lightering