January 2020
Dutch Harbor, Alaska

In waters averaging 4.10 C (390 F) and temperatures averaging – 60 C (200 F), Resolve Marine executed a successful Aircraft removal from Unalaska Bay, Alaska. This response and recovery project exemplifies Resolve’s expertise in planning innovative solutions for unique challenges, in this case, an airplane submerged in water 60’ deep after a forced emergency landing.  In preparation for the recovery, two Resolve diver’s spent over an hour in the icy waters accessing the plane’s situation, closing fuel vents, surveying stability, and attaching rigging.  The plane’s removal was a bit easier for Resolve with “at-ready” response assets Makushin Bay (salvage vessel), Manitowoc 4100 (230-ton crane barge), and a nine-person salvage team locally available to quickly prepare and lift the plane while accommodating airport operations.  In order to lift the 13,000 lb (5.9 metric ton) plane, Resolve had to prepare special rigging and work with 8’ (2.5m) waves impacting the bay. Ultimately, the King Air plane was successfully lifted out of the bay, loaded onto a barge and transported back to a nearby dock.  Because Resolve has strategically located assets, the response team was able to rapidly deploy and execute the recovery with minimal interruptions to airport operations and the environment

  • Aircraft removal
  • Plane Recovery