August 2011
Kankensanthurai Harbour, Sri Lanka

Wreck removal operations in this northern Sri Lanka were initially contracted for the removal of six wrecks ranging in size from 17m to 99.5m.  Two of these wrecks were outside the Harbour, and four were within the Harbour.  Upon mobilizing of the operation, an additional 4 wrecks were identified as requiring removal.  All wrecks were either fully or partially submerged, obstructing safe access to and within the port. The operation required not only the removal of wrecks but use of state-of-the-art, 3-D image scanning equipment which identified all obstructions within a 500-meter radius of each wreck, thus ensuring removal of wreck debris in preparation for dredging of the Harbour and channel. Resolve mobilized a team of expert personnel and equipment to cut up the vessels and move the wreckage ashore, where the scrap will be disposed of, clearing the Harbour in preparation for dredging and further rehabilitation.

  • Salvage
  • Wreck Removal