October 2020
Port of Tripoli

In October 2020, Resolve Marine responded to a grounded cargo vessel, the Lady Haloum, (dwt 12,200 capacity 1,139 TEU, built 1993) that was pushed against the Port of Tripoli–Libya’s breakwater–by a strong storm. After her anchors dragged, the crew could not respond in time to avoid a grounding. The grounding caused the engine room to flood and allowed water to enter the cargo hold. Resolve Marine resources were mobilized from Malta and a salvage team and portable salvage equipment were sourced from nearby bases. After the vessel was prepared for air pressurization and potential lightering, she was safely refloated by the salvage teams and tugs SEA JULIETT and ASSO 24. The vessel was brought into the Port of Tripoli where the cargo was discharged and safely redelivered. In port, Resolve Marine completed additional stabilization repairs enabling sea passage to Turkey where the vessel was redelivered to her owners.

  • Emergency Response