June 2021
Bligh Island, British Columbia, Canada

In April 2021, Resolve Marine was contracted by Canada Public Works for an assessment and bulk oil removal operation from the M/V SCHIEDYK, a cargo ship that ran aground in 1968 and subsequently sank off the coast of British Columbia on the south side of Bligh Island. Resolve Marine’s mobilization efforts involved securing qualified subcontractors, assets, and equipment. Phase I of the project involved a multibeam survey, video survey, hull mapping, plate thickness survey, and oil assessment. Coordinated operational efforts required a floating platform supply vessel, a second work class ROV, an inspection class ROV, water filtration spread and deep water pumping spread. Phase II involved a bulk oil removal operation.

During the Phase I hull assessment operation, an active leak was located. The leak consisted of a 17-meter jagged wavy gash on the number 2 starboard double bottom tank. Resolve Marine attempted to seal the gash by installing a large rubber gasket over the top of the hole and sealing the edges with a combination of sand filled super sacks and concrete sub-mar mats. By installing the patch, the leak and flow path of the oil was constricted. To calculate the volumetric capacity remaining in the tanks, a general hydrostatics model (image above) was generated. Phase II was an ROV-only operation, where product was recovered from four tanks of the SCHIEDYK wreck. Oil was recovered in bulk from two tanks while the other the two tanks yielded smaller volumes. In total, approximately 61.5 cubic meters of oil was recovered and delivered ashore for proper disposal.

  • Fuel Removal
  • Wreck Assessment