March 2013
Colon, Panama

Resolve refloated the 186′ DIAMOND SEA offshore supply vessel following its grounding in heavy weather in Colon, Panama. The vessel’s plating, framing and coolers were impacted, and as the vessel was loaded with over 300 tons of oil slop cargo, there was a significant threat of fuel spillage. Resolve was contracted to lighter the vessel, refloat her, render her seaworthy, and redeliver her to the owner. After surveying the damage, the Resolve team sealed holes in the underwater hull and internal bulkheads, dewatered flooded compartments, and removed all fuel and oil slop cargo from the vessel, avoiding any spillage or environmental pollution. Resolve then placed roller bags beneath the hull to reduce ground reaction and used two powerful tugs to safely pull the vessel from the rocky shoreline into deeper water. The Diamond Sea was then towed through the Panama Canal and redelivered to the owner.

  • Lightering
  • Salvage