June 2020

In March 2020, Resolve Marine (India) was contracted by a leading conglomerate to stabilize and dispose of an oil platform jacket off the west coast of India. Overcoming quarantine and travel restrictions along with an impending monsoon, Resolve formulated a plan that enabled teams in Singapore, United States, and India to utilize collaborative technologies as resources were mobilized and response activities were initiated. In ordinary times working with an oil platform jacket disposal poses unique challenges due to the remote location and environmental considerations; but during COVID, the project’s complexity is multiplied testing Resolve’s innovation and resourcefulness.

Isolated in India during a strict lockdown in one of the worst areas affected by COVID19, Resolve India was the logistical hub for response operations. Resolve salvage professionals quarantined at four global locations executed a complex methodology with senior project members as they virtually managed 24/7 teamwork and collaboration. Meeting virtually, the teams efficiently utilized networking technology across global time zones to provide onsite salvors with experienced advice, remote assistance, and consultancy. In addition to COVID 19 challenges, the response was driven by rigid time restrictions requiring team intervention to mitigate environmental damage and then to complete the project before an approaching monsoon impacted the site.

Just weeks after the project began, Resolve teams were demobilizing as they completed the operations and delivered on their commitment to the high-profile client. Resolve’s successful project, completed days before a powerful cyclone hit India’s west coast, was made possible by capitalizing on a global network of experienced salvors who go above and beyond to deliver when and where they are needed.