May 2020

While the lower 48 states are welcoming spring, Resolve Alaska response teams, in 30-degree weather, are mobilizing to assist a mining platform barge grounded in the shallow water west of Nome Harbor.  The dredge barge used for placer gold mining is surrounded by ice and drawing 5’ water aft/4’ water forward.  Response teams from Resolve’s Dutch Harbor facility are transporting equipment to the grounding site, commencing ice thawing operations, and securing the dead men anchor.  Into the remote area, Resolve Response Teams are transporting excavators, welding equipment, and pumps through the air and overland in order to lighter the barge so it can be dug out of ice and set rigging/ roller bags to pull the vessel to a safe landing.  Weather conditions continue to be in the team’s favor as response operations move forward navigating unforeseen obstacles and elevated COVID19 safety protocols.