April 2020

Over 30 years ago, Resolve Marine Founder Joe Farrell Jr. realized the world’s oceans and waterways were more than bodies of water but sensitive ecosystems driving all life on Earth.  With this realization in mind, Joe grew Resolve Marine into a global marine response, recovery, and training services provider where environmental respect is integrated into every project.  Today Resolve’s response portfolio includes a diverse range of maritime focused projects from shallow-water refloats requiring coral reef restoration to coastal wreck removals where environmentally sensitive beaches require protective actions.  Resolve Marine teams go the extra mile to ensure natural areas are left a little bit better than they were before.  Resolve’s commitment to the environment is evident through our investment in APC-Alaska, OPA 90, and SPRO regulatory compliance that not only adheres to stringent guidelines but exceeds established criteria as we set an example for others in the industry.  Internally, Resolve associates volunteer on their own time to participate in beach and waterway clean up activities.  Resolve is the only response and recovery company that is aligned with a humanitarian/environmental foundation, Mission Resolve, whose directive is to protect maritime environments and coastal communities.  Every day is Earthday at Resolve, we proudly join the global conversation for transformative environmental change!