April 2015

Given the dramatic trend toward Ultra Large Merchant Vessels of all classes, some vigorous forethought is overdue. The consequences of a mega ship casualty portend impacts across the shipping industry. Salvors and underwriters have been voicing concern for years, but the Law of Unintended Consequences says that all shipping interests have a stake in the development of response planning.

This panel quantifies the contemporary reality, notes some of the difficult prospects posed, particularly by a mega-container ship event, and suggests ways to take this pressing discussion forward.

Moderated by Bob Umbdenstock, Director of Planning and Corporate Relations, the panelists include representatives from across the industry:

– Bob Sanguinetti, CEO, Gibraltar Port Authority
– Bernie Cissek, Chairman, Eagle Underwriting Group Inc
– Jonathan Spencer, Average Adjuster and Principal, The Spencer Company
– Todd Schauer, Director of Operations, Resolve Marine
– Phil Reed, Special Casualty Representative (LOF) and Principal, Ree MaritimeTo listen to the speakers’ remarks or view their presentations, visit: http://www.shipping2015.com/postprogram/postprogram%20tuesday.htm