January 2015

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. January 12, 2014—Following the grounding of barge POE Giant 12 near the Horsburgh Lighthouse on December 30, 2014, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) called upon Resolve Marine to assist with an emergency at the landmark designating the eastern entrance to the Singapore Strait.

Situated on Pedra Branca Island among one of the world’s busiest waterways, the Horsburgh Lighthouse became threatened after a barge loaded with port cranes grounded beside it during the early hours of December 30, 2014. Acting astutely, MPA realized the importance of the monument and promptly called upon Resolve Marine, a global marine services company specializing in complex salvage and wreck removals, to assist in removing the barge and its cranes.

“We realized the significance of this landmark and worked very closely under MPA’s guidance to ensure the safety of the lighthouse while assuring the wellbeing of those involved,” said Joe Farrell, Jr., President of Resolve Marine.

Always proactive and innovative, the MPA guided Resolve Marine in securing a crew that included an expert explosives team from the United States. This team inspected, reviewed, and planned the entire operation, while ensuring it was handled accurately and safely.

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