For 36 years, Resolve Marine Group has met some of the biggest maritime challenges throughout the world. As Resolve has grown, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to reinvest profits in businesses that align with our core mission: to protect life, the environment and property at sea.

Emergency Response

Resolve’s core business is Emergency Response and this commitment is reflected through the investment we’ve made in our strategic global footprint. Resolve has more fully stocked and owned response warehouses globally than any other provider (Singapore, Shanghai, Gibraltar, Mumbai, Rotterdam, Cape Town, Florida, Alabama, Alaska) in addition to our 22 OPA-90 SMFF depots in the U.S.

ETV Contract – Mumbai, India

Salvage & Wreck Removal

Whether it’s a container ship in New Zealand, a cruise ship in the Arctic or a tanker in New York Harbor, Resolve’s successfully tackled some of the most complex salvage operations in the world. Our experienced salvage masters, naval architects, engineers and divers stand ready to assist our clients around the clock. Our clients’ interests are our priority and we’ll work with all stakeholders to ensure operations are completed on time, on budget and most importantly – SAFELY.

Maritime Training

The Resolve Maritime Academy is a leading example of Resolve’s commitment to protecting life, the environment and property at sea. Our academy specializes in courses related to Shipboard Fire & Safety and navigation, resource management and safety courses utilizing our Full Mission Bridge and Engine simulators. Courses are applicable to mariners and officers from the tanker, offshore vessels, cruise line and the private yacht industry.  To date, Resolve Maritime Academy has trained more than 35,000 personnel.