February 2019

M/V Lana Rose Video

Resolve Marine is pleased to extend the opportunity of teaming up with us in utilizing the M/V LANA ROSE, featured in the above video. The vessel is currently at our Resolve US Gulf port facility in Theodore, Alabama. The vessel was built as a Norwegian, North Sea ice class fishing trawler and later refitted as a seismographic research vessel. Resolve purchased the M/V LANA ROSE for hurricane response and humanitarian aid work but sees great potential for this vessel in the realm of ocean conservation and research.


Our vision for the M/V LANA ROSE is to work towards viable solutions to global environmental challenges such as ocean plastics. With great minds, practical experience and committed effort, we have the ability to change the world!


If you are interested in partnering with Resolve and the M/V LANA ROSE on these efforts, please contact Amanda Martin at amartin@resolvemarine.com.

Resolve Marine Lana Rose