Resolve Marine expands its global maritime capabilities to include Walk-to-Work (W2W) Offshore Wind Services.

With decades of experience managing vessels operating in all US Captain of the Port Zones, the Resolve Marine capitalizes on our vast maritime experience to deliver Jones-Act Compliant, Walk-to-Work (WTW) vessel services developed to ensure wind-energy harvested from offshore farms continue to satisfy the ever-growing demand for electricity.  Utilizing Bibby’s specialty Wavemaster 1 (W2W) vessel, Resolve ensures workers are safely transferred to at-sea wind turbines with the added benefit of expert emergency response, stand-by firefighting, logistical and safety training capabilities.

Resolve Marine Group - Offshore Wind Services

Bibby’s Wave Master 1 Walk to Work (WTW) Vessel is specially designed to host wind-turbine service crews and deliver them to offshore towers via a motion-compensated gangway.  Using Dynamic Positioning (DP-2) technology, the crew-transfer vessel compensates for ocean movement while gangways remain stable.  Resolve’s Comfort 2-Class vessel hosts private berth accommodations for up to 60 persons and ensures high-operability while optimizing working efficiency.  Safe transport and Efficient transfer by a trusted leader in Global Marine Services.

Damen ASV 9020 Bibby (UK) Wavemaster 1 with Walk to Work (W2W) capability

Jones Act Compliance ensures all vessels are operated and regulated under US Merchant Marine guidelines covering vessel construction, repair, and maintenance.  Resolve’s regulatory compliance exceeds global standards going beyond what is required delivering what is demanded.  Learn more about Resolve’s Regulatory Compliance Commitment

Utilizing Resolve Offshore Wind Services, your teams travel with confidence knowing their safety is paramount throughout their journey.  Our clients rely on Resolve’s experience and expertise to protect their most valuable assets – People!