Regulatory Compliance

opa-icon-sm2xOPA 90 Salvage & Marine Firefighting (SMFF)

Resolve’s commitment to OPA 90 is unmatched within the industry and has provided Resolve with the foundation for our global growth. While other SMFF providers have entered and exited the market or formed JVs, Resolve is proud to be the only provider to have ‘stayed the course’ and maintained USCG certification since the inception of the OPA 90 regulations. In addition to our extensive network of regional partners, we also preposition and maintain wholly owned equipment in 22 locations ensuring comprehensive coverage above and beyond U.S. Coast Guard requirements. In response to the release of the OPA 90 regulations, Resolve established a marine firefighting training academy to ensure we had in-house firefighting strike teams capable of handling tank vessel fires. What other providers can demonstrate this level of commitment?


china-spro-sm2xChina Ship Pollution Response Organization (SPRO)

Resolve’s consortium covers approximately 85% of the ports in China via a single SPRO contract. For the ports we do not cover directly, we can sign on behalf of the owner/operator through our agency truly making us the one call solution for China SPRO coverage. Most importantly, our response capabilities are widely recognized as the most comprehensive in China. We have liaised closely with the IG of P&I Clubs and ITOPF in drafting our contract to ensure it complies with their guidelines. We believe this service in China is extremely effective and can be managed with very simple contractual documentation. This procedure ensures a ship owner is fully covered throughout the whole China coastline, while only needing to communicate with a single entity – Resolve.

Port Coverage

alaska-apc-icon-sm2xAlaska Alternative Planning Criteria (APC)

Recognizing the lack of resources that exist in Western Alaska / Aleutian Island chain, Resolve together with partner National Response Corporation (NRC) have made a significant investment in resources and manpower to now provide the most comprehensive APC coverage for vessels transiting Western Alaska via the Great Circle Route.

Great Circle Route